Soy Sauce Based Dips That Makes Chinese Cuisine A Must Try

If you are trying out Chinese cuisine or recipes at home, you might want to refer to dips and sauce recipes which are an essential part of such a cuisine. There are certain ingredients you would need to stock up in order to get started with dips and sauces for Chinese dishes.

Soy sauce based dips
When it comes to dipping sauces, most Chinese recipes include soy sauce. The recipes for soy sauce as a dipping sauce comprise of rice vinegar as well as sweet rice wine. There are several soy sauce based dip recipes that work well with fish, meat and vegetables like Peking duck. Dips can be served with sweet potatoes as well as pancakes that are made oriental style. Again, roasted or grilled food items like chicken also work well with a soy sauce based dip.

Varying the dip according to the main dishes
The soy sauce recipe would differ as per the kind of food item you serve it with. When you visit a Peking duck restaurant in Melbourne you would be served the Peking duck dish with a soy based sauce. If you order in lemon pot stickers and chicken, the dip or sauce you create would be with, sweet rice wine which is seasoned with chopped green onions and rice vinegar. The dipping sauce also comprises of garlic and chili paste. If you wish to make a dip sauce to serve with vegetables and chicken that is steamed, all you need is soy sauce, fresh cilantro and rice vinegar. If you have sesame oil and sweet rice wine you could use the same as well.

Other variants to try
The variations you could create with soy sauce are several. For instance, oriental pancakes are also served with a dipping sauce made from soy sauce. The sauce is seasoned with rice vinegar, scallions that are thinly sliced and has sugar added to it. Other variant recipes include fish sauce, jalapeno chili and fresh lime juice. Chinese cuisine has the characteristic feature of including dips and sauces that are used to flavor dishes which are lightly cooked, either steamed, grilled or roasted.

Nowadays, most restaurants are experimenting with sauce and dip recipes. When you wish to replicate what you consume at your favorite restaurant, pay close attention to the different flavors that are infused in the sauces. That is the key to creating wonderful flavors that are subtle yet creating a difference. It also makes meat and fish dishes palatable. If you love Chinese dishes flavored with different dips and sauces, make a booking at your favorite restaurant today.